Al Ghaith for Importing Oils

Established in late of 2013; taking the exclusive agency of the German company Rheinol, which manufactures and packs all kinds of heavy oils. Including motor oils for cars, buses, dumpers, in addition of industrial oils for generators, air compressors and hydraulic presses. The company has a number of warehouses, and marketing experts to cover the Syrian market.

Oil Types

Multigrade Engine Oils / زيوت محركات متعددة الدرجات
Primus DX SAE 5W-30
Primus HDC SAE 5W-40
Primol Power Synth SAE 10W-40
Promotol FD SAE 15W-40
Promotol FD SAE 20W-50

Monograde Engine Oils /زيوت محركات أحادية الدرجات
Promotol FD SAE 40
Promotol FD SAE 50

Brake Fluid / زيوت الفرامل
Brake Fluid DOT 4.

Automatic Transmission Fluids / زيوت نواقل الحركة
ATF Dexron VI
ATF Spezial CVT

Automotive Gear Oils / زيوت محركات السيارات:
Synkrol 4.5 Synth. SAE 75W-90 (API: GL-5)5
Synkrol 5 LS SAE 85W-90 (API: GL-5)5

Multigrade Engine Oils for Mixed Fletets:
Komparol MF SAE 15W-40

Hydraulic Oils / زيوت هيدروليكية:
Hydraulube HLP (ISO – VG: 46)6
Hydraulube HLP (ISO – VG: 68)8

Anti Freezes / مضادات التجمد:
Antifreezes GW-11 (-40 C )C

Contact US

     Mazeh - Damascus - Syria

     +963 212 2020

     +963 212 7000