Bunyan Real Estate Development Co.

Founded in 2018, as a subsidiary of Sami Al Baroudi Group. The company is working in the field of real estate development, through the available investments opportunities aligning with the urban revival and reconstruction in Syria. The company was established to assume the responsibility to achieve the desired aspirations commensurate to meet the needs of society.

We believe that ethical dealings with our partners and clients are the secret to the continuous success and persistent development of our brand to be the most trusted and credible brand for all.
This is supported by successful plans and designs with intact architectural ideas and concepts, by transforming wide areas into well-planned and credible investment opportunities with modern designs to emulate the urban development.
As an emerging company, we look at all projects as living elements, aiming to capture all the unique aspects which elevate the company to a far-reaching level that interest the individuals and the community; our goal is not only to achieve profits, but also to achieve emotional interaction with society and its aspirations for high quality projects that meet all needs.
Therefore, the company is working hard, professionally with its accumulated expertise to provide serious and practical proposals to develop the real estate field.

Company Projects

Current Project

Full study of a real estate development project in Al Khalij region in Darya, Damascus

The planning concept of the project started from the principle of developing a comfortable urban environment for the residents in terms of residential planning and density, services distribution and green areas; and linking them to the roads and the main and subsidiary pedestrian paths connecting all elements of the project with each other.
Three residential models (towers - semi houses _ twin villas) were designed to cover various economic segments, as well as commercial and service areas, playgrounds and gardens, with an area of 45.25 hectares.

Our constant slogan

Our constant slogan Trust.. Ambition.. Innovation.. to achieve the best results and attain the best achievements Trust: The best to build on; Therefore, we gain the trust of our customers through the work dedication, ensuring high quality at all stages, and respect the customers’ wishes. Ambition: To be an ideal model by applying the highest standards of quality, we strive to stand beside the professional real estate developers, and challenge ourselves with each new project we implement. Innovation and Creativity: Our passion is to create high-standard housing solutions by breaking the boundaries of stereotyping and monotony.

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