Al-Wataniah Co. (Marble)

Al-Wataniah Marble Company LTD is one of the leading companies in the field of extracting, manufacturing, importing and exporting stone, marble and granite. Established in Damascus in 1983 under the name of Sami Baroudi Group, then under the name of Al-Hani or Hani Baroudi Company for Stone, Marble and Granite - 2001, then Al-Baroudi for stone, marble and granite - 2011, and finally Al-Wataniah Marble Company LTD in 2018. The company owns factories in rural Damascus and develops a strategy to expand its field throughout the country to cover the needs of the market by creating large factories with the latest technology, in addition of investing a number of quarries to accord the internal and external market with the national products and row materials. Our company is distinguished by the great diversity of classical and modern designs, as well as our ability to offer a large variety of manufactured products to meet the needs and customers' tastes of marble, stone and granite, which are used for different types of interior and exterior claddings.

Company Resources

Company's stone, marble, and granite resources vary according to customers‘ and, local or foreign market requirements.
Local stone and marble: where we have extracted large quantities of licensed quarries in Al Rahiba, Hama and Masiaf. As customers requirements of all types of raw materials have been met extensively such as Tadmury, Basalt, Aleppo Stone, Sukkary, Lattakia etc.
Foreign stone and marble: imported from Spain, Italy and Portugal to accord the market conditions; providing these various goods in form of blocks and slabs on demand for the wholesale and retail customers, as well as containers of fixed granite slabs have been imported from India and Brazil.

Quality Standards

Quality, efficiency and punctuality are the characteristics of our work.
We also offer products that satisfy our customers, and apply all stages of manufacturing and processing to give quality, purity and beauty to our products in addition to keeping abreast of global technological innovations and diversification of materials sources, to stay ahead and maintain our standards.

Our Market Presence

Our products are present in the market; the demand of stones and marble is increasing with the increment of buildings, villas, offices, hotels, commercial markets and government projects. Our production exceeded more than 500 meters per day.
Importing from abroad and attending international exhibitions helped spreading the name of Al Baroudi and facilitated the marketing of our products. In addition of expanding our business outside the Syrian market towards the export markets which include neighboring countries, Africa and others...

Company Products

* Syrian stone and marble.
* Imported granite and marble.
* Decorative items (sculptures, mosaics).
* Internal applications (kitchens, fireplaces, laundries, interior stairs, floors).
* External applications (facades, entrances, outdoor stairs, pool floors, ordinary and carved columns, fencing, fountains, doors and windows sills).
We also offer a wide range of finishes including edged stone, plain finishing, polishes, AL Boasharda, etc.

Syrian Stone & Marble

Kasarat Rahaibeh
Light Mesyafi
Dark Mesyafi

Imported Marble & Stone

Black Absolute
Tan Brown
Rosa Porino
Rosa Beta
Bianco Sardo
Crem Marfil

Company Vision

Entering huge investments that qualifies the company to reach the top in the industry of manufacturing and production of stones, marble and granite to meet the construction requirements internally and externally.

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