Al Ghaith Drug Store

Founded in 2017 to be a leading pharmaceutical distribution company. Al Ghaith is committed to distribute high quality products in a responsible and healthy method, in line with its belief in the importance of its role and contribution to build the Syrian economy by expanding its business to various vital economic sectors.

Al Ghaith System

The company follows an efficient system of distribution, through an extensive network and expert team in addition to owning many high-level storage centers. Which are used to:

1- Distribution of local products:
* Local made medicines.
* baby/infant milk.

2- International Companies Agency:
Among its activities was the acquisition of the exclusive agent and distributor in Syria of the German company KRÜGER GmbH & Co. KG. having registered all its products in the Syrian Ministry of Health; Including vitamin C, Multi-Vitamin, as well as saccharine Sweeteners; Stevia the natural sweetener and Aspartame the industrial Sweetener.

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     Mazeh - Damascus - Syria

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