Al Baroudi Ready Mix Concrete Co.

B-Mix is considered as a main Syrian supplier of ready mix concrete. The company has the full capacity to provide the local market with high quality concrete through careful monitoring and selection the best types of gravel.

Quality Standards

B.Mix takes into account the highest required standards in the manufacture of ready mix concrete namely:
* The finest cement.
* Properly treated aggregates with highest quality and resistance levels.
* Accurate percentage and weight of cement mix and aggregates in each cubic meter according to the client request.
* Mixers and pumps used for the ready mix concrete are purchased from one of the finest suppliers in the world.
* Computerized batch plants using full automatic control, semi automatic control and manual control.
* eco-friendly cement filters.
* Private laboratory for pre-testing aggregates, mixtures and concrete.
* Quality control system.
* Private maintenance center and spare parts storage for our equipment and machinery providing immediate maintenance.
* Machines and equipment maintained periodically.
* Top storage conditions.

Quality Control


1- Laboratories:
Our laboratories consist of:
* A series of sieves (for granular content of raw material).
* Hygrometer.
* Sand equivalent device.
* Drying Oven.
* Concrete breaker (to test concrete resistance).
* Viscometer (landing)—Manual or electronic cone.
* Standard testing casts.
* Concrete hammer (cyclometers).
* Test concrete blender (Air-o-meter in fresh concrete).
* The “Los Angeles” device to measure raw material coarseness.
* Cement testers.
* Specific weight measuring devices.

Machinery and Equipment

2- Machinery And Equipment:
B.Mix owns a collection of the latest and most highly-advanced machinery and equipment, namely:
* Central concrete mixer capacity of up to 130 m3/h (Adra).
* Central concrete mixer capacity of up to 120 m3/h (Quneitra).
* Central concrete mixer capacity of up to 100 m3/h (Kisweh).
* Schwing concrete pump, height 47 m.
* Schwing concrete pump, height 34 m.
* Cement transport tanks, 40 ton capacity.
* Industrial air compressors.
* 12 concrete truck mixers, capacity 10m3 and 8m3.
* Concrete Shakers.
* Cadastral devices — various kinds.
* Trucks, pickups, field cars, tipper trucks.
* Loaders.

Maintenance Center

3- Maintenance Center:
in order to maintain machinery's smooth performance and improve ROI in addition to gain customers' satisfaction, we are keen to follow highest production standards by carrying out below regular maintenance works:
* Mechanical and electrical equipment.
* Hydraulics equipment.
* Paint work.
* Blacksmithing.
* Multiple wash areas.

Company Team

Our team has been selected from the top skilled specialists, technicians, operators, and drivers who are able to adapt to different work conditions. We take pride in our carefully selected engineers who are proficient in deciding the quantities, design and requirements of our ready mix concrete. They also have undergone several training courses and have become well-informed with the latest technologies and techniques.

Company Projects

  • Current
  • 2021

    Basilia city

  • 2020

    Retailer Association

  • 2020

    Sahara Association

  • 2019

    Many housing association in Residential Dahiyat Al-Faihaa

  • 2018

    Execute four towers for the association of the Parliament in Mashrou’ Dommar.

  • 2017

    Infrastructure works of Dahiyat Al-Faihaa

  • 2012

    The concrete structure of “Up Town” in Mashrou’ Dummar.

  • 2009

    Agricultural Research Building.

  • 2009

    Al-Noor Hospital, Duma.

  • 2008

    Multiple Villas in AL-Sheikh Zayed Village.

Company Vision

By contributing to the most prominent construction projects in Syria and the region we aim to become the paramount leader in the concrete industry. In addition to continuously meet our clients’ requirements beyond their own expectations within the shortest period on both local and regional level.

Contact US

     Mazeh - Damascus - Syria

     +963 212 2020

     +963 212 7000